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Sourced from local growers who are committed to neonicotinoid-free propagation of native species.

 Email to inquire about availability of specific plants or to purchase full plug flats.

Pre-orders available for the below plants. 

Plants can be picked up in Kennett Square PA or delivered within 10 miles for a $10 fee. 

Estimated availability dates noted in each description.

Woodland Wonders Collection

A selection of 18 perennials to fill a 24sf shade garden.
Includes 6 Tiarella wherryi (Foamflower), 3 Aquilegia canadensis (Wild Columbine), 6 Heuchera americana (American Alumroot / Coral Bells), and 3 Polemonium reptans (Jacob's Ladder). A beautiful combination for a moist, shady understory garden with spring interest and semi-evergreen foliage.
Estimated availability: 04/08/2023

Golden Shade Garden

A selection of 9 perennials to fill a 12sf shade to part shade garden. Perfect size to frame a mailbox or large boulder. Includes 3 Chrysogonum virginianum (Green & Gold), 3 Pachysandra procumbens (Allegheny Spurge), and 3 Packera aurea (Golden Ragwort). Semi-evergreen foliage and bright blooms provide 3 season interest.
Estimated availability: 04/08/2023
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