Traditional landscaping companies have been slow to embrace change, educate their employees on the value and use of native plants, and commit to ecological landscaping practices. Therefore, it's a challenge to find designers and landscapers to support the growing interest and demand. Below are some like-minded business owners who are offering native plant design or installation/maintenance services. We (Northbrook Natives) cannot personally vouch for any of these companies, but trust that they've expressed interest in sharing their details here with good "native" intentions.

Grow Native Gardens LLC (Pemberton, NJ)

Plant Lady Lucy / Lucy Dinsmore (Kennett Square, PA)

Daisyenne Designs LLC (Thorndale, PA)

Rockwell Associates (Arborist/native woodland restoration, Ridley Park, PA)

Laura Cruz Design (West Chester, PA)

Aster Plans / Carolle Huber (Virtual garden design for the NE region)

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