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Providing native garden design and native plants for Chester County, PA gardeners and community projects.

Monarda fistulosa



Native Garden Design


Native Plants


Our bird and insect populations have rapidly declined in recent decades, but they can revive and thrive if we provide the native plants they rely on. Native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers can transform your garden into a beautiful, biodiverse and living "lifescape" to which nature quickly returns.

As stewards of the earth, we embrace sustainable landscaping principles. By refraining from pesticides, unnecessary fertilizers and invasive plant species we create an environment where our native plants and their host pollinators and birds can revive and thrive. Native plants sequester carbon, filter water, limit erosion and improve the soil - enabling you to conserve and regenerate at a local level.  

Your yard or small garden becomes a force for good!




Northbrook Natives began as a retail nursery in May 2022. In our first season, we sold over 1800 plants, donated over 250 to community projects and had the pleasure of meeting many native and "new to native" gardeners.

In 2023, our business model changed. We no longer operate a retail location, but are still sourcing hundreds of native plants for local gardeners, design clients and community projects.

We've previously partnered with Chester County Arts Association, Kennett Square Library and the West Chester Green Team for various projects. We are currently helping the local Girl Scouts plan a Monarch garden at Unionville Community Park in Spring 2024.

We look forward to working with more homeowners and community organizations to restore native biodiversity to Chester County, PA.

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